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4 Ways to use Facebook as an Extention to Your Resume

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We all know that some recruiters actually use social media to screen candidates, which is why it’s important to be aware of the things shared on social media.

It is in your best interest to be proactive and be prepared. If you already have questionable content lurking about on your Facebook page, clean it up. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Some of the things recruiters look for are as basic as contradicting contact information but they also look for red flags. Below is a list of the top criteria recruiters may search for:

Location: Does the location match what is on your resume? If you have contracting information on your resume in regards to location, it could affect your chances of being hired.

Professional History: What type of professional history do you have listed on your profile? Most recruiters will verify resume information simply by looking at your work history on your Facebook or Linkedin page. Make sure this is up to date.

Education and Experience: Does education and experience line up with the information you have listed on your resume? Make sure you update this especially if you use your social pages for networking purposes.

Personality Traits: What type of content do you share? Is it industry related or specific? Is it relevant to the position you are applying for? Is there anything that would cause concern?

Make sure information you do not want shared is set to private. You are able to post publically as well. Take advantage of your public postings by reflecting positivity which is sure to impress recruiters.

Some employers aren’t looking for positive signs however. Occasionally they look for warning signs.  If they really don’t want a candidate who carries specific red flags, social media can help them avoid trouble. Of course, this can also make them vulnerable to accusations of discrimination.

Tip: Keep your protected information (like your religion and family status) private. At the same time, share any details that will deter the kinds of employers you don’t want.

Social media is a part of life and with all this technology why not make it work for you and not against you if you can help it?